Saturday, October 24, 2015

Labyrinth of Dreams

Lady Writing a Letter with her Maid by Johannes Vermeer
"For the most part...we pass our lives amid shadows and light, illusions and revelations, uncertain of what to believe or where to turn our gaze. Those who have entirely lost the ability to see the transcendent reality that shows itself in all things, and who refuse to seek it out or even to believe the search a meaningful one, have confined themselves for now within an illusory world, and wander in a labyrinth of dreams. Those others, however, who are still able to see the truth that shines in and through and beyond the world of ordinary experience, and who know that nature is in its every aspect the gift of the supernatural, and who understand that God is that absolute reality in whom, in every moment, they live and move and have their being--they are awake."
~from THE EXPERIENCE OF GOD - Being, Consciousness, Bliss by Eastern Orthodox theologian/philosopher David Bentley Hart

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